Having written for Kerrang! magazine since 1989, I started shooting for them, pretty much by accident, in the early 90’s when all their photographers refused to go on tour with my favourite punk band Poison Idea. With pretensions of being as good as Mark Leialoha and taller than Ross Halfin, I shot everyone from Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer and Slipknot to The Prodigy and was published all around the world (full-ish list in the ‘published in’ section) before stumbling into fetish and pin up photography in 2006 when I married Masuimi Max. I quit Kerrang! in 2008 and now write and shoot the rock stuff for Metal Hammer, Teamrock, Vive Le Rock, and anyone else who rocks.

He’s a top bloke , thinly disguised as a cunt . I’ve known him for years , always got our backs. Liam Howlett, Prodigy

Morat is a splendid person and his hair stands up most of the time. The work is brilliant, marvelous, especially when he writes about us. I’ve never read anything that he wrote about anyone else, I only read the bits he writes about us, but they were very good, so thank you Morat. Lemmy Kilmister

In all the years I’ve known Morat , and it’s been at least 10 years, he’s always been a pro ! His art has a very special look to it . Anyone can take a photo , but it takes a true artist to capture a real moment in time , and Morat does that … Time and time again! Dez FaFara, Devildriver

Great guy, good mohawk, good friend. I always look forward to seeing him, and his photography’s actually not too bad. Corey Taylor, Slipknot/Stone Sour

BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! Murv Doulgas, Lords Of Acid/Revco

Morat is to photography what Lemmy is to rock n fucking roll . King of the camera! Casey Chaos, Amen/Scum



Jaw drops to floor. Möe=ra (T-talk)

Machine Head/Ten Ton Hammer

A shout out from Machine Head in London. I’ve sung this one with them a few

Poison Idea

Poison Idea live in Holland, 1992. I was lucky enough to write the set list for this


Mr Cornell dedicates one of my favourite Soundgarden


Click Here The shampoo commercial was not my fault