When Ministry last came through Vegas, a couple of years ago for Punk Rock Bowling, they were, if we’re being completely honest, kind of underwhelming. Not that it was a particularly bad show, or even a bad setlist, the dreadful ‘Hail To His Majesty (Peasants) notwithstanding. It was more that it seemed to be lacking any fire, dragging on for what seemed like hours when we’d usually be gagging for more. A triumph by the standards of lesser bands, it wasn’t even close to the high benchmark that Ministry have set for themselves over the years.

Tonight, thankfully, is an entirely different proposition. Granted, they kick off with three new songs from the latest album AmeriKKKant, which could have been a bad move if said album wasn’t up to scratch. But on this showing it seems well worth checking out, the single Antifa being something of a classic. It doesn’t hurt, either, that Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell is providing additional vocals in his usual inimitable style.

It’s a pretty mixed bag tonight; Lies, Lies, Lies, Just One Fix, NWO, Filth Pig, all with a visual feast of madness on the projection screen, and the fierce political stance we’ve become accustomed to from Mad Uncle Al whenever we have an idiot in the White House. Indeed, that’s probably the reason that Ministry are back on form, it having been well documented that they’re kind of lacklustre when they’re not angry.

Admittedly, there are some glaring omissions, no Stigmata, no Jesus building hot rods, but with such cracking renditions of Thieves, So What and the like, there’s really not much to complain about. Pushing 60, and with a career spanning over three decades, it seems that Grandpa Jourgensen still has what it takes to kick ass.

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