Zeke: Blind Marky Felchtone’s Top 10 Biker tunes


It’s no secret that Zeke have written some cracking tunes about motorbikes, not least the brilliant God Of GSXR, T-500, and well, let’s be honest, about half their songs are either about fast cars or motorcycles, all of them played at breakneck speed, with a suicide clutch, and no brakes. So it seemed like a good idea to ask frontman/guitarist Blind Marky Felchtone to pick his favourite biker songs. You might wanna strap your helmet on…


1. Iron Horse – Motorhead

Quintessential biker tune. Construction job lay off? Ex-wife lawsuits? Cheated on?  Been there. Clarity is staring at you right in the face. It looks like a 80 c.i. V-twin powered ticket out of the bullshit. Its just you and your sickle.  Always was, really. Now do you remember?

2. Headin’ Out To The Highway – Judas Priest

Echoing the sentiment of Iron Horse, this is a great one to blast before you roll out to get the hell away from the complete fuckheads who’ve been doggin’ you for the last year and a half. Try to find me now, bitch..

3. Ol’ Panhead Of Mine – David Alan Coe

Few understand like D.A.C.

4. Ezy Rider – Jimi Hendrix

Yep. Stole it. Added some Sabbath and KISS…for anybody wondering..

5. Hell Bent For Leather – Judas Priest

Perfect mix of Nugent’s ‘Motor City Madhouse’ and ‘ Stormtroopin’. This is 90 mph up the I-5 N.  to Whatcom county with your most off-the-hook riding buddy in the rain kind of kill-your-mother-burn-the-flag type rock – n – roll.

6. Transmaniacon MC – Blue Oyster Cult

I love it when I bring up B.O.C. and dudes say, ‘ Oh fuck yeah, I love Blue Oyster Cult!’ , followed by a blank expression when I ask them about the ‘ black side’ off ‘Tyranny.’ Or I play them ‘Screams’ and they ask me, ‘Ha, Ha!! What is this? Sounds like some weird sixties shit..’ Yep, Douchelord, you nailed it, buddy. The Blue Oyster Cult I took sheets of LSD to wasnt just the AOR hopeful schlock – rock of ’75-’84 with Buck’s wispy vocals and clean, haunting harmonies with lush textures courtesy of A. Lanier (R.I.P. heart of B.O.C), it was originally Zombies, Doors, Sabbath, Purple, Allmans, Dead, inspired heavy psyche rising from the ashes of Altamont and the ‘ Summer Of Love.’ … And speaking of Altamont, this one’s from the biker’s perspective. But what do I know? I grew up in Arkansas.

7. Ted Nugent – Name Your Poison

This is just to piss you off.

8. B.O.C. – Feel The Thunder/Revolution By Night

This is reverb/delay saturated, overproduced 80’s MTV – ready crap…except…Eric Bloom’s resurrected vision of ‘ Golden Age Of Leather’ biker gang mayhem manifests it….oh, fuck it. Y’all could never understand. And yeah, I stole this riff too, for Revolution (Reprise). Don’t listen to Kicked In The Teeth, go straight to Disfear’s version. The Swedes always do it better than me.

9. Dakota The Dancin’ Bear – David Alan Coe

I’ll know what kind of ‘biker’ you are when I play you this one, cutey..

10. Iron Fist – Motorhead

Morat and I go way back, so ill do just about anything for the dude…including this. I hate ‘punk rock.’  Hence, no punk rock shite included in my list. This one speaks for itself. It also belongs at the top of this list. But I made you a Motorhead sandwich, bitches.

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